Friday, December 30, 2005

Gone Too Soon

Most people manage to stave off the depression until January, mine has come early!!! I'm back in NYC.....AARRRGGHHHH!!!

I'm just not ready to be back yet. That brief lull in the mayhem that is my life while most welcome has left me yearning for more. I'm having a hard time believing that all the headache, mayhem and melodrama that was the wedding has been and gone. Although I was devastated to leave Lagos and head back to London, those few days were blissful. A whirlwind of eating, drinking, shopping and just drinking in the atmosphere of Regent St, Carnaby St, Great Marlborough St, Jermyn St.....I could go on and on!

As daft as it sounds, I really miss the elegance of Londres. Now I'm sure you're thinking I'm crazy..after all Manhattan is no hellhole, but somehow Fifth Avenue doesn't quite have the allure of Regent St. And for some reason Madison Avenue just cannot seem to measure up to Bond St. Even the craziness of Herald Square doesn't hold a candle to Oxford Circus. It could be the homesickness talking...but I think more likely the truth is that I'll always be a Londoner at heart....and a Lagosian in my soul!!

Here's to next year and the hope of many more trips to the two L's..Londres and Lasgidi!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Last Day Blues........

I'm having last day blues.....This time tomorrow I'll beback in dreary old england! Not exactly the most cheerful thought in the world! And then before you can say jack.....I'll be back at my desk at work in NYC and it will feel as though this whole thing never happened.

I finally saw Gbite yesterday! So I'm well chuffed today! There were a few mishapsthat led to him not being able to attend the wedding..but everything is cool now. Aunty Abi let us have her car, so we went for some food and drinks at hacienda. Gbite, Babs and Remi joined us and we all went across to Saipan. I had such a ball, saw what felt like veryone I knew in the world. Lanre Ashiru, Obi Inogbo, Fred Allison, (I seem to see those two wherever I go!) Godfrey Igboin, Ugo Okoye, Ore Orelaja, Natacha John andthe other Obi....gosh the list goes on and on and on!!!!!! It was brilliant....I'm gutted to be leaving....Wish I could have spent more time with the time he gets to London, I'll be back in New York! I'll have to come back ASAP!

This has been a fab trip to sure if I ever got round to blogging about all the fab things I did...there was just so much going on constantly...drama, beef, shaennanigans....and some of the best times of my life!!! I really wish I could have stayed longer cos I know the party is just getting started!!! Anyway..gotta run...see you on the other side!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Precursor

Okay, I am finally ready to produce my blow for blow account of this wedding! It would be lovely if it could be accompanied by pictures, but lets just say that the USB connection on this PC is questionable to say the least. This post is about what we like to call the engagement. It is actually formally known as the traditional wedding, and takes place 2-3 days prior to the actual wedding. In this house the day before the engagement was complete bedlam/mania. Emotions were running high, tempers were flaring, people were freaking out....and i was longing for the comfort of my bed...and buffy! No such luck. Anyway we somehow made it through all the screaming and shouting and last minute glitches to the morning of the engagement. My cousins Akintayo and Funlola arrived from London to add to what was a house of about 50 people!!! Crazy, 50 make-up bags, 200 lipsticks, 70 eyeliners, hundreds of eyeshadow palettes, 200 pairs of shoes.....I think you're getting the picture. I've been scarred for life. Keji would've passed out had she been here!! Anyway, at the last minute, we finally got hold of our engagement outfits and got dressed. I had to wear a gele for the first time in my life! Hysterical....there is no scanner here so the picture posting will have to wait a while. I was then rushed off my feet because I suddenly found out that I was expected to read a letter of acceptance???!!!!??? Had no idea what the hell that was. I had expected to go with my sister to Ace and chill till later when she was called!

Anyway, after all the rushing and craziness, I left with Grandma and Bibi and we arrived at the venue at about 1.30pm. (Kick-off time was 12pm....Naija time!) The venue was absolutely gorgeous. It was the Army Officers' mess in Marina, so that meant it was by the water. The good thing about this was that as well as having a beautiful backdrop for our engagement we had that lovely seabreeze!

The ceremony was nice. Femi's people came forward with all the gifts they had bought for the wife and presented a whole table of stuff, including a baby goat that we are referring to as Omo Ojo!!! Then they all had to prostrate and beg for Omo's hand, and then they presented their letter of request. I was called up to read this letter ( I had to give them a few funky steps on the way!!) then I went up to read . It was full of arrows so I had to correct them as I went which was rather disconcerting....but never mind! Then we gave them our letter of acceptance, which was much nicer than theirs, it was a beautful scroll of parchment in a pink basket!! Not that I'm complaining, I made a lot of money! After all the ceremony, they brought the bride out, all the cousins danced in with her and that was when the drama began. Earlier on my mum and I had been sprayed with loads of money, and I had left the bag with Aunty Enny when I went to dance in. She got to chatting and ignored it and of course someone came in and stole from the bag. She then acted as though it was my fault grrrr!!!!!! Anyway, the army officers chased this guy all the way to V.I!!!! They brought him back and retrived the money for me!! I was impressed by this, but if course as it is Nige..I had to settle them. Then they whipped the hell out of this guy, bound his hands and feet..and threw him over the fence into the ocean!!! It was crazy! I hope someone fished him out because that was extreme!

All in all, we had a really nice day. Bibi Green even showed up so that was nice. We had loads of fun...I came away thousands of naira richer from all the spraying. What was not to enjoy....just had to brace myself for the wedding!

Monday, December 19, 2005

It's Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is over!!!!! Finally!!!!
Sorry I've been absent from blogsville for so long...but it all got a bit hairy!!!

But its over the wedding was beautiful and the couple are happy...I managedto avoid catching the bouquet so all is well with the world once again. I think 2 seperate posts are required to give the proper blow by blow account that this occasion deserves!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The end is in sight!

The engagement is tomorrow! Pray for my sanity as we enter the final stretch!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Bridezilla Anyone??!!

So I was under the impression that in the run-up to this wedding the bride would be the most difficult thing to deal with.....(history was leaning in her favour). However, I could not have been more wrong. Everyone but the bride is up in arms around here...mothers, aunts, cousins..... they are all driving me ballistic its's a total madhouse around here!!! Someone get me out!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Oh Lord, could anything more horrible than this happen?

My cousin came home from Loyola Jesuit College where she goes to school and is now crying her heart out. 52 of her schoolmates were on that plane and there is no information as to what is going on. This is a disgrace, lack of information is only compounding people's grief....I've never felt so helpless in my life.


I thought I should share the cuteness of Timoni Longe with everyone! She's my cousin( Aunty Abi's youngest child) and easily the cutest little girl ever! Then again I seem to think that about all my cousins! LOL. Today she decided that she wanted to wear everything in her jewellry box , and then later to up the cuteness factor she put on her Cinderella outfit. Check it out.

On an entirely seperate note, last night I went out with Aunty Abi. She took me to a place called Vintage where I had my first ever alcoholic beverage whilst in Naija! Milestone or what? Of course there had to be a true Naija twist to it though, NEPA (or whatever they are caling it tehse days) did the ususal while we were there, and they were having problems with their generator so we sat in darkness and had out drinks!!! Anyway, after leaving that place we went to a christmas dinner her friend was hosting at Marco Polo for his staff and friends. That was fun. It was nice to meet some new people, actual grown-ups as well! I had a good time.


Coming at you from Lagos y'all!!!! Haven't had much of a chance to blog since I left NYC, it's been a hectic few days to say teh least. I am currently writing this from Aunty Abi's house, but I guess it's best to take you back over the last few days.

The flight to London was one of the worst ever. I mean it when I say that American Airlines and I are through...ridiculous service. You would think one was riding a molue not a plane!! Not sure why it is so bad...makes no sense. But then again..what does these days. Upon arrival in London, there was loads of fog as we were touching down. I took a couple of nice photos...they were somewhat reminiscent of "The Day After Tomorrow" which isn't really what you want on a flight!!!

Anyway, when I got to London, I went to Gbite's where I promptly passed out and then eventually got up and went to meet Keji.

We hung out and had some drinks, and were later joined by Nadiya. It's been such a long time since the three of us shot the breeze, so that was good fun....until Nadiys had to dash...a costume ball of all things!! Never mind though, Leilani joined us for a couple as well later so that was cool. And then before I knew what had hit me, it was 9 o'clock and thus time for me to go back to Gbite's. He took me all the way to Omo's house that night...I am eternally grateful to him for being so sweet. Maybe now he'll forgive me for apparently dissing him in a previous post(i still don't think i did!!!)

That night was pretty much hell, tempers were frayed people were screaming..and oh yeah we had to leave for the airport at 4am! But it all went of without a hitch and we landed in Lagos on Thursday evening. 97 degrees Fahrenheit!!!! Unbelieveble! I'm slowly getting over the culture shock fact so far It's funny how much stuff has changed but at the same time how much remains the same! I think lots of stuff is different for the better but it's a little difficult to gauge as I haven't really been about that much. Will tell all with time! Ciao

Monday, December 05, 2005

The 11th Hour.......

No matter how painstakingly I plan these things, it always seems to go right down to the wire........

Okay, that is a big fat lie!! I've had forever to pack knowing full well how complicated it would be but have somehow still managed to leave it all till the last minute despite my vehement avowal not to do so! Yep..have to admit, I'm an 11th hour girl, a procrastinator...the original thief of time!

Tomorrow is my last day and there is so much to cover before then, just thinking about it makes my head hurt. This is the worst part. Worry about the logistics of ferrying yourself between airports, packing enough for three weeks when you have to account for 2 vastly different climates.....and the mother of them all....accomodating people's last minute shopping requests. This is the part that I personally find the most problematic, especially when you factor in that they have known for months on end that this day would come.

Anyway, never mind...what else is family for eh? To drive you bonkers!!!
On the slightly more uplifting side, I'll be seeing my peeps soon. Bus and's been a hot minute! Can't wait!!! Even though it is only one day..I fully intend to make the most of it. What I need is Hermione's timeturner to make it last and last and last!!! Still looking forward to what follows as well....only drawback is that I just know how incredibly tiring it will be. Anyhooooo....Ja-ja-boo-boo will be there to revive me!! Plus I get to see Grandma's been sooooooo long. Wish me luck with my re-integration into Naija society...massive culture shock, here I come!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Worst Picture In The World!

Originally uploaded by dedicatedshopper.
Ok, it is possible that I have never looked quite this bad in a photo before now (how ironic)! But I'm posting it anyway because its Diddy!!

I went to a reception at Saks Fifth Avenue, took my boss along and there he was, so we had a chat and took a photo. This is the result.....SHINY!!! Still.......It's Diddy!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The scourge of humanity

It's World AIDS day, as I'm sure everyone knows. At the risk of sounding preachy, just wanted to drop a wee note to remind everyone to do their part. Even if all that means is becoming more informed. Every bit counts towards the greater good!