Friday, December 30, 2005

Gone Too Soon

Most people manage to stave off the depression until January, mine has come early!!! I'm back in NYC.....AARRRGGHHHH!!!

I'm just not ready to be back yet. That brief lull in the mayhem that is my life while most welcome has left me yearning for more. I'm having a hard time believing that all the headache, mayhem and melodrama that was the wedding has been and gone. Although I was devastated to leave Lagos and head back to London, those few days were blissful. A whirlwind of eating, drinking, shopping and just drinking in the atmosphere of Regent St, Carnaby St, Great Marlborough St, Jermyn St.....I could go on and on!

As daft as it sounds, I really miss the elegance of Londres. Now I'm sure you're thinking I'm crazy..after all Manhattan is no hellhole, but somehow Fifth Avenue doesn't quite have the allure of Regent St. And for some reason Madison Avenue just cannot seem to measure up to Bond St. Even the craziness of Herald Square doesn't hold a candle to Oxford Circus. It could be the homesickness talking...but I think more likely the truth is that I'll always be a Londoner at heart....and a Lagosian in my soul!!

Here's to next year and the hope of many more trips to the two L's..Londres and Lasgidi!!


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