Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Nuff said.

Monday, April 09, 2007

How Dare They Have Sunshine in London?!

I spoke to my sister who lives in London over the weekend and asked her how her day had been. She told me she spent it at the beach. I live in New York and I spent my day huddled inside avoiding the periodic snow flurries. Can anybody see what is wrong with this picture????? It is cold in NYC! I can pretty much deal with that, but it becomes very upsetting when I hear that the peeps in London have nice weather. Whenever things are grim here, I always take solace in the fact that the weather must be nastier in London, and now I don’t even have that to fall back on so I ask once again, WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO?

In other news, I finally found a new place to call home, so God must have heard my web-based plea for intervention and saved me from the suckage of looking. I feel much better today than I did over the weekend. Fred told me to use my blogfam as in loco parentis so I will. I dislike being a grown up thoroughly because I have to budget. I don’t want to transition into a high-paying job in the private sector that has me working all hours because I love working for the government. Is that so wrong? At the same time, I don’t want to live like a pauper. I want to eat my cake and have it (where does that saying even come from?), evidently I can’t but that somehow seems unfair.

Plus guys suck. But that really isn’t anything new. Being single in New York City is just the worst. Not because I mind being alone, but because you are living the same cliché as millions of other young ladies, and I hate conformity with a passion. A young lady in her twenties who lives in New York and isn’t single is such a rarity, it is astonishing. Those who are dating are sharing their man with as many girls as he can handle without going bankrupt. Bizarre.

All in all though, things are well. All I care about right now is taking up residence in my new digs. It took being separated from all my earthly possessions to make me realise how attached I am to them. I cannot wait to wallow in the splendour of my closet and gaze upon the magnificence of my DVD collection. It should be a fun weekend!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Being a Grown Up Sucks

It is official, I hate being a grown-up. So many issues to deal with, constant headaches and worrying. I am so over it. I wish I was still a little girl and I could call Mummy and Daddy everytime I needed to fix something, but the sucky thing about growing up is that you realise that Mummy and Daddy have problems of their own and evrybody is just trying to get by.

I wish someone could just sweep in and save me from this madness.