Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 Things I Love to Distraction

In the interest of this list actually being enjoyable, I offer a disclaimer. God, family and friends don't count for my purposes. It goes without saying that I love them all.

1. Coca-Cola – I am a Coke fiend. Always have been, probably always will be. Not Pepsi, or Diet Coke or any other pretenders to the throne, Coca-Cola specifically. Full of calories and ice-cold. There is no better sensation than popping that can open and feeling those fizzy bubbles hit the back of my throat. I am a Coke lover for life. If I could deliver it directly into my bloodstream, I would. Seriously.

2. Manchester United – I have been red for as long as I have understood the concept of football. From the days of Sparky to the domination of Cantona. I love Manchester United so much that when they are on top I am joyous and when they are sub-par I am moody. Ronaldo is the sparkle in my eye, Ryan Giggs is my rock in the storm.

3. 2Pac – When I was younger, I was sure that hip-hop was not my thing. N.W.A did nothing for me, and Run-DMC made my head hurt. I was more inclined towards the smooth stylings of R&B and New Jack Swing. One fateful day, I needed a new tape for my Walkman having destroyed my Boyz II Men album, and the only tape my best friend had was 2Pacalypse now. It was love at first beat and I have never looked back since. I go through phases of loving different songs old and new. My current phase has me loving ‘Holla at Me’, but one thing remains constant, I love 2pac.

4. Joss Whedon – I have made no secret of my Buffy/Angel/Firefly obsession. I thought it was limited to the TV shows, but the arrival of the comics continuing the series has reversed that opinion. I recently went to a comic conference just to hear him speak, and in that moment, I knew I was lost. There is no witticism that this man spouts that doesn’t resonate with me. He is every closet geek’s dream come true.

5. Dodo – I would have said plantain, but that would be inaccurate. I love dodo specifically. As a child, I ate it with everything possible. As an adult, I understand that nothing in the world tastes better than fresh dodo and stew with a bottle of Coke.

6. Pop culture magazines – I anxiously await the arrival of my Entertainment Weekly subscription. As soon as I land in the UK, my first task is typically to hit up WHSmith and purchase Empire Magazine. If I won the lottery tomorrow, my first task would be to buy myself a seat on the EW board. Yes, I actually care that much.

7. Internet forums – This is somewhat of a cheat because my forum love developed through my pop-culture obsession, but I have since branched out. Political forums amuse me the most. There is nothing like an unpopular opinion setting the web aflame. I live for the banter. Okay, not really, but I come pretty close.

8. Gladys Knight – It started with an unnatural obsession with ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ and culminated in full blown obsession with my discovery of ‘I’ve Got to Use My Imagination’. Gladys speaks to my soul. I have no idea why, but her inimitable growl transports me to a different place every time.

9. Champagne – Le bubbles make me sooooo happy. I know it is a cliché, but I really do love champagne. I’m not even a connoisseur, I don’t need Dom Perignon or Cristal, a glass of Veuve Cliquot does the trick. Lest I sound like an alcoholic, I shall refrain from further waxing poetic about the glories of champers.

10. Shoes – I left the most important till last, because I truly love shoes to distraction. Whenever I step into a shoe shop, I literally have a shoe-gasm. I love to drool over completely impractical footwear that I would probably never purchase. I gives me such a thrill to see a deliciously gorgeous pair sitting on a pedestal, and a shoebox is probably the single greatest invention of all time. There is nothing better than returning home form an arduos shopping trip and cracking one open to revel at the gorgeous footwear inside. God knew exactly what he wasdoing when he gave me size 8 feet, because if he hadn’t, I would probably be bankrupt by now. One thing is for sure, I love shoes to distraction.



Blogger Chxta said...

Why don't you blog more often?

5:52 AM  
Blogger Monef said...

Good question! I wish I knew the answer, probably something to do with a strange disconnect from whatever it is that started me blogging in the first place.

5:33 PM  
Blogger ababoypart2 said...

Hi Sis,
Man Utd - tufiakwa

I share your obsession with ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ and anything Gladys K. With Coca Cola (though I am retired), 2pac (just for changes, dont know much of his work), Dodo (as long as its 'unripped'), Champs (nope just dont like it), Shoes and women (gotta say you cant go wrong with high heel sandals)

6:13 AM  
Blogger harada57 said...

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